Calmer sleep for your baby – even in their own bed

The Nucu Pad is a multisensory baby pad that soothes your baby to sleep with womb-like feelscapes. Designed for babies up to 24 months.

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Nucu Pad features

Soothing & Sensing

The Nucu Pad is a portable, easy-to-use multisensory baby pad designed to soothe, stimulate, and support your baby's growth.

Nucu feelscapes®

Safe sounds and vibrations that your baby can feel coming from under the mattress. Includes wombscapes and natural white noise.

Your own heartbeat feelscapes

Capture the essence of your presence with the Nucu App and transfer your heartbeat to the Nucu Pad.

Real-time baby monitoring

Monitor how calmly the baby's sleeping in real-time. See sleep environment details such as ambient temperature, humidity & light and sounds levels.

Sleep development trends

See how your baby's sleep routine is changing and developing over time. Track trends over weeks and months.

Growing beyond the NICU

The first-generation Nucu Pad was developed together with the neonatal care experts in Finland. It has been used in the NICU at Oulu University Hospital to support preemies through multisensory stimulation.

Thanks to your positive feedback, we're introducing the second-generation Nucu Pad to families everywhere – starting in Finland.

In collaboration with

For generations to come

The Nucu Pad was developed together with OYS Testlab, the innovation branch of the Oulu University hospital.
It has helped over a hundred preemies and countless families through collaboration with the Finnish maternity clinics.
In 2024, the second-generation Nucu Pad was launched in Finland – designed for babies up to 2 years old.
Nucu's work continues with research partners, collaborations and innovation.

Safe and natural

Kangaroo care is good for both the baby and the caregiver. The Nucu Pad recreates the familiar feeling of the womb and the caregiver’s closeness.

Designed for safety

The Nucu Pad is made from non-allergenic materials. The cover is natural Finnish birch.

  • volume levels are capped at safe limits and cannot be exceeded
  • the controller (outside the crib) houses the battery and the communications (WiFi and Bluetooth)
  • the battery is a stable and reliable LFP battery

Tested for safety

  • the first-generation Nucu Pad has successfully been used in an NICU environment
  • rigorous testing
  • adherence to safety standards
  • feedback from multiple rounds of user testing

Sound. Touch. Nucu.

Place a hand over your heart. Those are the sounds and vibrations the baby is used to in their first months of life in the womb.

With the Nucu Pad, the baby can experience the comfort of the womb-like sensations – whether they're lying down or sleeping on the pad.

See how calmly your little one is sleeping

Set up and control the Nucu Pad with the Nucu App. Available on iOS only.

  • Record the feeling of your own heartbeat and transfer it to the Nucu Pad
  • Control feelscapes remotely
  • Monitor you baby's calmness levels
  • Listen to your baby in real-time through the app
  • Keep tabs on the baby's sleep environment: ambient light, room temperature and room humidity

Every Nucu set in the Nucu shop comes with a 1-year free Nucu subscription. Requires an Internet connection and home Wi-Fi.

Take it anywhere – and share the love later

The Nucu Pad is thin and easy to carry. Just tuck it under the mattress at home or at grandma's, and your little one can drift off to sleep feeling that comforting togetherness they love.

And once your family has outgrown it, you can easily resell the Nucu Pad, letting another family enjoy the benefits of better sleep.

This is our way of promoting sustainability and community support, one Nucu Pad at a time.

Questions & Answers

Want to know more?

Is Nucu safe?

Yes, the first-generation Nucu Pad has been tested and used in a hospital setting for several years.

All our design choices in the second-generation reflect our dedication to safety:

  • volume levels are safe and cannot be exceeded
  • the controller (outside the crib) houses the battery and the communications (WiFi and Bluetooth)
  • the battery is a stable and reliable LFP battery

The Nucu Pad is not intended to replace touch or interaction with the baby.

What is a multisensory baby pad?

The Nucu Pad is a multisensory baby pad. It is a portable foundation that creates safe and gentle feelscapes using sound and vibration.

'Multisensory' means using more than one sense.

What's the recommended age range for using the Nucu Pad?

The Nucu Pad is designed especially for babies up to 24 months old. You can benefit from different features based on how old you little one is.

  • 0–3 months: calming wombscapes, your own heartbeat feelcapes, calmness levels, smart baby monitor
  • 3–12 months: calming feelscapes, white noise and your own lullabies, sleep development trends, smart baby monitor
  • 12–24+ months: calming feelscapes, activating feelscapes, your own stories and songs, smart baby monitor

There's nothing stopping you from using the Nucu Pad longer if you want to.

Can I use the Nucu Pad in a crib?

Yes, you can use the Nucu Pad in a crib. The Nucu Plus and Nucu Plus Pro sets come with Crib Base Frame and a Crib Mattress for use in a crib.

Can I use the Nucu Pad in a bassinet?

Yes, you can use the Nucu Pad in a bassinet or side sleeper. The Nucu Basic set comes with a Bassinet Mattress.

Where can I purchase the Nucu Pad?

Currently the Nucu Pad is available only in select countries.

See here for the list of countries we ship to.

You can also follow us on social or subscribe to the Nucu newsletter to get notified when it's available.

Do I need a subscription to use the Nucu Pad?

Yes, to use the Nucu App and the advanced features of the Nucu Pad you need a Nucu subscription.

A 1-year free Nucu subscription is included in the sets in the Nucu Shop. After the free period, the subscription is billed monthly.

Is Nucu available on Android?

To use the advanced features of the Nucu Pad, you need the Nucu App and the Nucu subscription.

Currently, the Nucu App is only available on iOS (iPhone). We plan to add support for Android phones in the future.

Is Nucu available on iOS?

Yes, the Nucu app is available on iOS. To use all the features, you need an iPhone (iOS 16.4 or later)

The Nucu Pad is not a medical device. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.