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Want to learn more about the latest in science-backed baby care? Looking to do research on the Nucu Pad before you get it for your little one?

Nucu Research Hub is the place for white papers, infographics and easy-to-understand articles about the science behind multisensory stimulation and sleep – and the Nucu Pad.

Research highlight

Premature babies and multisensory stimulation

Researchers at the University Hospital of Oulu, Finland, are currently using the Nucu Pad in a multi-year study to find out the effects of multisensory stimulation on premature infants. The study is lead by doctoral researcher Anna-Kaija Palomaa.

White papers

Strong foundations: Nucu White Paper Series

The Nucu White Paper Series is an on-going series of research articles on topics related to the core features of togetherness, such as infant sleep, development and multisensory stimulation.

The white papers are written by Nucu researchers and partners. The series includes literature reviews, amalgamations of the latest multidisciplinary findings as well as research based on Nucu's own data and findings.

Nucu white papers

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Science at a glance: Nucu Infographic Series

Get the big picture quickly with Nucu infographics. For anyone looking for the latest findings and most helpful science-backed parenting tips.

Nucu infographics

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