How to use the Nucu Pad

The first-generation Nucu Pad is a multisensory baby pad designed especially for babies 0–3 months old. It soothes the baby to sleep with sounds and vibrations.

Get to know the Nucu Pad.

The simplest way to soothe a baby to sleep

Routines. Not miracles.

Where to Place the Nucu Pad

More togetherness. Not less.

  • The building blocks of good sleep

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The building blocks of good sleep

Positive interaction with your baby

Establishing evening routines

Active days. Calm nights.

Caring for the Nucu Pad

The Nucu Pad is dust and water splash resistant (IP54). The wooden cover can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

The Comfort Topper is machine-washable at 40 °C.