How to use the Nucu Pad

The Nucu Pad is a multisensory baby pad designed especially for babies under 6 months old. It soothes the baby to sleep with sounds and vibrations.

The simplest way to soothe a baby to sleep

The Nucu Pad helps the baby and the family to establish healthy sleep patterns by making the transition to sleep easier.

You know your family best. When it's time to sleep, follow your familiar routines to prepare the little one for sleep.
The gentle feelscapes create a sense of safety and familiarity for uninterrupted sleep.
The Nucu Pad can be used for naps and night-time sleep.

More togetherness. Not less.

As helpful as the Nucu Pad is, it's not meant to replace natural interaction, touch and togetherness with the baby.

It's not a medical device or an intervention to fix sleep or health problems.

Think of the Nucu Pad as just one piece of your baby's sleep routine, not the whole solution. It's there to assist, but nothing can replace the special bond between you and your little one.