About Nucu

Nucu is a Finnish wellness company founded in 2016 to help babies – and families – to sleep better.

With better sleep for the baby comes better sleep for everyone. And with better sleep comes more togetherness.

Meet the Nucu Pad

The Nucu Pad is a multisensory baby pad that soothes your baby to sleep with womb-like feelscapes.

Piloted together with infant care professionals in the University Hospital of Oulu NICU, the Nucu Pad is currently used in scientific collaborations and studies.

What we do

Nucu’s mission is to help caregivers provide babies with the best combination of positive stimulation and developmental sleep during the crucial first years of life and development.

Who we are

Nucu is a Finnish sleep wellness company founded in 2016 by Juha Hannula. He founded Nucu based on his personal experiences as an engineer and father and caregiver of newborn babies.

The Nucu team draws from decades of experience with health and technology. The team includes Emeritus Professor Esko Alasaarela and wellness technology expert Marco Suvilaakso.

Designed with parents and experts

We work closely with the Nucu Togetherness Board to design products that are safe and easy to use. The board includes baby care experts, infant care nurses and, of course, moms.

Get to know the Nucu story

Learn more about the origins of Nucu.