Supporting better sleep and stimulating early development

Helping caregivers and their babies discover the best combinations of positive stimulation and restorative sleep through togetherness during the first years of life. We do so with sensitivity to the customer’s needs combined with credible science, thoughtful design and engineering.

Nucu Multisensory Baby Pad

  • Calming soundscapes with haptic 'feelscapes'

    Womb + heartbeat and other calming soundscapes with corresponding haptics reduce stress, help the baby fall asleep faster, and sleep calmer.

  • Supports sleep of the whole family

    Routine usage establishes improved sleep rhythms. Baby's consistent sleep rhythms help parents/caregivers to also get more consistent sleep

  • Supports brain development

    Multisensory stimulation

    (sound + haptics)

    promotes growth and neurobehavioral development

  • ” With the help of Nucu, we have helped families find the missing sleep rhythm that is the cornerstone of a healthy life. ”

    Tarja Kuivala, Infant Care Specialist, Public Care Nurse, Vauvatalo/Oulun ensi ja turvakoti ry