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    What is togetherness?

    What is togetherness?

    What is the definition of togetherness? And what are some examples of togetherness? Let’s find out.

    We at Nucu believe that growth starts with togetherness™. Let's explore the idea of togetherness – together.

    The definition of togetherness for the Nucu community:

    Togetherness is the lifelong journey of connection, trust and mindful presence especially between close family members.

    The definition of togetherness for the scientific community:

    Togetherness is the positive physical, social and mental state or feeling of closeness to other people, especially in a parent–child relationship.

    We can also understand togetherness through exploring what it is and what it most definitely isn’t.

    What togetherness is:

    • Personal
    • Internal and shared
    • Compassionate

    What togetherness is not:

    • Goal-oriented
    • Selfish
    • Short-lived

    What’s more, togetherness isn’t built on being together all the time. It builds on the normal ebbs and flows of our days – sometimes close, sometimes supporting from a little ways off.

    Examples of togetherness

    Togetherness is an inherently positive feeling. It encompasses feelings of connection, trust and mindful presence.

    If you think that you might be experiencing togetherness, you most likely are. Togetherness is not a club only the chosen few can get into.

    Examples tell more than a thousand definitions. We’ve gathered examples of togetherness from the team and the community.

    Togetherness is...

    More is more: benefits of togetherness

    The positive feeling of togetherness is the building block of a balanced, fulfilling life. Scientists have already uncovered the benefits of one core aspect of togetherness: multisensory stimulation.

    Multisensory stimulation has many benefits for babies. It can reduce stress, enhance development and even help with weight gain for premature babies.

    We at Nucu see multisensory stimulation as a natural part of life and growing up. 

    • Rocking your baby to sleep while singing a lullaby is multisensory stimulation.
    • Skin-on-skin contact with the baby – kangaroo care – is multisensory stimulation. 
    • Falling asleep to the sounds and vibrations of the mother’s heartbeat on the Nucu Pad is multisensory stimulation.

    But more important than multisensory stimulation are those moments of togetherness

    • Feeling safe and connected
    • Feeling content
    • Feeling confident to try new things

    Multisensory stimulation is a method, a tool. Togetherness is not. Togetherness is not about making super babies or super parents. Not about hacking, optimizing, tweaking, masking or manipulating…

    The greatest reward for togetherness is more togetherness.

    What does togetherness mean to Nucu?

    Nucu is a togetherness company at heart. The Nucu Pad is a multisensory baby pad designed to soothe the baby to sleep with gentle feelscapes. The Nucu Pad helps the baby sleep better – so that the whole family can sleep better.

    Our vision is to support babies’ natural growth and development through togetherness all over the world. The path forwards for Nucu can be summarized under these themes.

    Togetherness in the moment

    Nucu helps families focus on the moment. We gently fade into the background and support families in feeling as refreshed as possible and feeling confident about the future so that they can live closer to the present.

    Togetherness over a distance

    Nucu helps families stay connected – whether there’s an ocean or the bedroom wall between family members.

    Togetherness in new ways

    Nucu helps families build and retain a sense of togetherness over days, weeks, months and years. For each part of the journey, we can create new ways to foster togetherness.

    Nucu was founded in 2016. We’re still at the beginning of our journey and each of these themes will see new solutions, features and products. Some of them are already out there, some on the drawing board and some we will build together with you, the members of the Nucu community.

    What togetherness means for Nucu in four words:

    Less fuss. More us.

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