Nucu Warranty Policy

Nucu Oy’s 1.7.2022 effectual warranty policy

Nucu Oy (Later referred as “Nucu”) provides users a warranty, which states that any products and/or accessories provided by Nucu will not suffer from material- or production faults when used accordingly by the user manual during the warranty period. Buyer has the rights for applicable consumer protection, and this warranty will not limit those rights.

The warranty period for products sold by Nucu is twelve (12) months for Nucu Pad™ and its inseparable battery, six (6) months for detachable battery and charger, as well as six (6) months for the Comfort Toppers™ and Crib Toppers™ starting from the moment of purchase or activation date.

The warranty does not include products that are not manufactured by Nucu, and such products will abide by the warranty and other policies set by the manufacturer. This limitation applies to other products that are sold or provided along with Nucu-devices.

This warranty will NOT cover:

a) consumables, such as batteries, protective covers, or fabrics, unless the damage is from a material- or production error

b) cosmetic damage, such as scratches, unless it was caused by a material- or production error

c) damages that result from the use of a product or component from a separate manufacturer

d) damages that result from an accident, misuse, abuse, fire, earthquake, or other external reasons

e) damages that are a result of the product being used on environment not mentioned in the user manual, technical information or on other published guides by Nucu

f) damages that are a result of using a repair/maintenance facility not authorized by Nucu

g) Nucu-products that have been altered or modified without a written permission from Nucu

h) faults from normal wear-and-tear

Warranty repairs are provided by Nucu or Nucu-authorized facilities in Finland in case a product is deemed faulty. You may repair your product inside Finland without any additional cost. Warranty repairs outside Finland may have additional shipping- or handling fees. Your Nucu -product or its replacement are always delivered to you in prime condition after the repair. Before starting the warranty repairs, Nucu may require you to provide the sales order information, answers to questions regarding the possible faults, and follow the information provided by Nucu to complete the repairs (such as Nucu-products’ shipping- and delivery policies).

Nucu provides warranty repairs in one of the following ways:

(a) By mail: Nucu will send you instructions on how to properly pack and send the Nucu-product, so you can send it to us for repair. When the repairs have been made, Nucu will return the product to you. Nucu will cover the expenses for the return on both ends inside Finland, if you follow the packing and sending instructions provided by Nucu.

(b) Repairs that do not require you to return the product or accessory: Nucu will send you a matching product or accessory for free, along with any required installation manuals and possible instructions for proper disposal of the faulty product or accessory.

If you provide Nucu a warranty notification during the warranty period that complies with these policies, Nucu may either:

(i) Repair the Nucu-product with new or previously used authentic Nucu-parts, that have been tested and comply with Nucu’s functional requirements

(ii) Replace the Nucu-product with a corresponding product, that is new or manufactured using previously used authentic Nucu-parts that have been tested and comply with Nucu’s functional requirements

(iii) Compensate the original purchase-price if the product is reclaimed by Nucu. For clarification: the warranty may take longer than a normal product repair, due to Nucu having the right to inspect the product thoroughly before starting the process.

A repaired product or a product given in replacement of the faulty product is considered flawless. The buyer or authorized person (“consumer”) will not be charged (parts, work, etc.) for the repair or replacement during the warranty period. Every replaced product, parts or equipment become a part of Nucu’s property.

The repaired or replaced product will continue to be under the original warranty for the remaining warranty period, which means the warranty is NOT refreshed upon repair or replacement.

Nucu’s limited warranty does not include warranties, policies, or requirements other than the ones mentioned in this document, along with the consumer protection laws mentioned in the beginning. In some countries, it is not allowed to limit the amount of time these kinds of warranties, policies or assumed warranties can be active, so the limitation mentioned before may not apply to all users.

Freedom of responsibility:

Nucu is in no circumstances responsible for

• any damages that are caused by anything other than us breaking these warranty policies.

• any losses or damages, that could not be reasonably foreseen consequence upon the moment of purchase that Nucu was breaking these warranty policies; or

• any losses or harm for any businesses or other activity, financial losses, or harm, nor any loss of information or opportunities.

These warranty policies do not apply to (i) cases of death or bodily injury related claims, (ii) fraud or serious negligence related claims, (iii) deceptive claims or (iv) any other responsibilities, that can’t be limited or excluded by law.

No Nucu employee or representative have the rights to make any changes, extensions, or additions to this warranty policy.

If any part of these policy is deemed to be against the law or considered by law to be unenforceable, the policy in question will be excluded from this warranty. This, however, does not affect the enforceability, lawfulness, or availability of any other part of the policy.

This warranty policy will be interpreted and applied to the laws of the country from which the Nucu-product was purchased.

The notification regarding the warranty must be made as soon as you notice the fault. The written notification must be sent by e-mail to the following address: