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    Infant sleep onset patterns: a case study

    Infant sleep onset patterns: a case study

    White paper

    April 2024

    Laura Nauha, M.Sc. (Health Sci.), Doctoral Researcher, Riikka Marttila, M.Sc. (Data Sci.)

    Independent, assisted, short, or long—how exactly do babies drift off to sleep? What changes do we see in these sleep patterns as time goes by? And how can data guide caregivers to establish better bedtime routines for little ones? In this whitepaper, we dive into the numbers to uncover the secrets of how babies fall asleep. Using data collected over 11 months, we look into when and how consistently babies sleep. Plus, we highlight four unique ways that infants begin their sleep journeys.

    sleep rhythm, sleep onset pattern, infant, self-soothing, bedtime routines


    Independent, assisted, short, long… How do babies fall asleep? How do these sleep onset patterns change over time? How can data help caregivers create better bedtime routines for infants? In this whitepaper, we look at what the numbers say about how babies fall asleep. Using longitudinal measurement data from an 11-month period, we explore sleep timing and regularity. Additionally, we identify four distinct styles for infant sleep onset patterns.
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